What to Wear to your Session

What is the first thing on everyone's mind as soon as they book a session? What to wear, ACK! Yes, this is the number one question I get as soon as we settle on a session date.

This does not have to be difficult for you, really it doesn't, I promise. For a family start with your child's outfit and build from there (or just start with one outfit to get your color scheme.) Build off of that outfit until you have a set that looks good together.

1. Colors should compliment each other

  • Pick your colors so that everyone compliments each other, it is not necessary for everyone to wear the same color and styles.  Instead, choose one or two outfits (I usually pick my kids outfits first) and pull colors from one outfit to the next. Bring in all the colors as a family, not everyone has to have every color.

2. More on Color

  • Medium shades, such as, grays, blues, greens, light brown, creams, all work well to start your color scheme. You do NOT have to wear the same thing, in fact I encourage you not to! Pull colors from one outfit on to the next and keep building up until you have an outfit for everyone in your session.
  • By keeping everything in that medium, neutral color palate, your photos will reflect you and your family and the connection between your family versus your clothing options being the first thing that grabs your attention.
  • I recommend having one or two patterns in a set so that, again, your outfits don't take center stage but you still get some nice contrast.

3. Time of year

  • In the spring or summer simple dresses for girls and shorts and a lightly patterned button up shirt for boys. If it is a beach session I like bare feet.
  • Fall and winter seasons  jeans, and the medium shades of colors look very well together. You can add scarves and sweaters as well for extra texture and contrast.

4. Accessories

  • These are a nice touch to add, nothing to big and flashy but just a little something to complete the outfits. This can be a small pair of earrings, necklace, watch, etc. whatever your style is, is just perfect!