Headshots (with a bend)

I am asked occasionally to do headshots along with a session and I absolutely love to combine the two! When my friend asked me to do her headshots as well as some photos for her website I was very excited to do so! I gave her a classis headshots but then we also played around getting some great photos in the evening sunlight. I love it when two minds come together and my ideas to use my fun lens is viewd as fun and creative! For some of her session I used a 35mm sweet optic lensbaby. We both actually love these the best! These are created with love my friend! You are beautiful!

Family Vacation First Stop

A last minute summer vacation proved to be the best decision Dan and I have made for our family. Daily work task gets in the way and we get caught up in what it takes to raise a family of 4 kids. We work hard to keep our family running smoothily, and more often than not, we hit bumps and things do NOT go smoothly, or as planned. So why not turn that around and plan something we hadn't planned. Our family trip was born. I am so glad we stepped away from busy schedules, the mad rush of end of summer, get ready for a new school year stuff, and God knows what my husband deals with on a daily basis owning his company. We stepped away from it all and made time for each other.

First stop Savannah, GA

Our destination Mars Hill, NC would be reached about 6.5 hours after leaving Savannah. We stayed on beautiful Memory Mountain in the Wolf St. Laural area. Everyday we woke up to cool, crisp, mountain air, would hike down to Steve and Joy's, (owners of Memory Mountain) chicken coop to collect fresh eggs for breakfast. Played in the fresh ponds, fished, hiked parts of the Appalachian trail, horse rides up a mountain (which proved to be more painful on the bums, knees, and legs) camp fires and smores every eveing. Dan proved he could make the best camp fire around.