Gearing Up For a Ride

My boys ride, well 3 of them do. It started with the oldest, and I'm talking about my husband. Over the past 6 years Dan has been working with Blake and Kaden and has been sharing with his sons his love of riding. This past weekend the boys packed up and hit the trails. I love watching them eat a hearty breakfast of pancakes and eggs, gather their things, pack their snacks, fill the camel packs with water, fill the tanks, head over across the street to our friends, who are joining as well in the adventures, and loading up the bikes on the truck. It's a learning process and I love to watch it unfold. Here is their morning gearing up for a ride. 

Closing Ceremonies | Tampa Child Photographer

Two boys wanted to be in cub scouts.  I'm not gonna lie, I had some reservations about the time commitment. There were many Monday evenings that I heard "do we have to go?" There were many times I wanted to say "no, you don't have to go, momma doesn't want to go either!" Of course, I didn't say that. Here's the thing, our kids wanted to do this, they asked us. We have said to them from day one, once you start any extra curricular activity, you will see it through to the end. And so it was with cub scouts too. On we went and everytime they went, they always had fun with it and guess what? We made it, we finished 9 months of scouts. Our boys moved up. They had a wonderful funfilled evening at the outdoor closing ceremony and it was great to see them moving up. On the ride home they both discussed their likes and the fun memories they made. They reflected, they had pride that they finished and moved up. I asked them if they were going to contine on next year. Two boys do not want to be in cub scouts. I can't say I'm disappointed, well maybe a tiny bit...