First Communion Session | Tampa Child Photograher

To be able to watch these children prepare for their First Holy Communion is such a wonderful experience. I am lucky to know each one of the children I have photographed and so I get to witness their process, and that is hard to put into words. A big thank you to Father Brad for taking a moment to talk and pose for a photo! This little girl has such a fun and lively personality, and an even bigger heart. God Bless you little one. 



First Communion Session

This is a very special and festive time for catholic children as they prepare themselves for the sacrament of Holy Communion, which corresponds to the Easter season of the Church. They have learned through their studies what they are about to become a part of and you can see and feel their excitement and reverent behavior. God Bless you my child, you are a child of God.

Thank you for spending time with me and choosing me to photograph your special moment in your life. I will pray for you as you continue to prepare yourself for your first Holy Communion.

Family. Love. Connection. It is everything.

This session was originally cancelled due to our fickle February Florida weather...really cold, rainy, and windy. That was a good call! This day was filled with warm sunshine and lots of laughs. Taking the time to get together as a family and spend a few hours together so that EVERYONE can be photographed is truley something that grows in value over time. While these are "photo sessions" which are planned out, I love watching the session progress from the begining to the end. It builds on fun, emotion and connection as we go through the session. Each family is unique and I am blessed to see the process even if it is for only an hour.

Thank you for sharing a moment of this with me.